Thai Massage

ThaiThai Yoga Bodywork promotes Body-Mind-Soul integration so that an individual can function at a higher level. This ancient and dynamic form of bodywork opens the joints and releases blocked energy. It combines yoga-type stretching with mindful movement and compressions. Muscles, joints, internal organs and the energy body all benefit tremendously from this body-mind harmonizing treatment. Learn to open the energy lines of the body with movement, stretching and compression. The Thai Massage program at McKinnon is designed to teach the fundamentals of Thai massage from basics to full sessions to the ability to fully integrate with other modalities.
Intro to Thai – Exploring the Elements of Thai Massage (24 hours)
Thai I – Fundamentals of Thai Massage: Learning the Fundamentals (48 hours)
Thai II – Addressing Structural Injuries with Thai Massage (32 hours)
Thai III – Healing Emotional Wounding Patterns with Thai Massage (32 hours)

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Course Title Start Date End Date Days and Times
Intro to Thai Massage 01/26/18 01/28/18 Fri-Sun 9am-6pm
Intro to Thai Massage 03/13/18 03/29/18 T/Th 9am-1pm
Thai II 11/28/17 12/21/17 T/Th 9am-1pm
Thai II 06/05/18 06/28/18 T/Th 9am-1pm
Thai Massage 04/03/18 05/10/18 T/Th 9am-1pm