Reflexology involves applying pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques in order to support balance in the entire body. There are many different approaches to applying reflexology. McKinnon teaches a very gentle style, with a focus on proper body mechanics and providing clients with a session that not only promotes balance for the body’s systems, but that is deeply relaxing as well.

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Course Title Start Date End Date Days and Times
Reflexology 02/07/18 03/14/18 Weds 6pm-10pm
Reflexology 10/04/18 11/08/18 Thursdays 6pm-10pm
Tui Na Reflexology 06/02/18 06/16/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm
Tui Na Reflexology 12/06/18 12/20/18 Thursdays 9am-6pm