EsalenRenowned for its innovative and fluid style, EsalenTM Massage was developed in concert with pioneers of the "human potential movement" as a language of touch that responded to the needs of the individual rather than a set sequence. Often referred to as the Tai Chi of massage, this experiential approach to bodywork utilizes the principles of structure, balance, movement, and grounding to create a therapeutic "dance" between practitioner and client. With the use of oil students will learn the trademark EsalenTM "long stroke" as a foundation to integrate a wide range of techniques which include; working under the body, 3 dimensional touch, oscillations, deep forearm work, compressions, specific soft tissue releases, stretching, dynamic mobilizations, energy work, and "sheet tricks" which effortlessly move the client on the table. Somatic learning is fundamental to understanding the healing process both on and off the table. Special focus will be given to support students with this through mindfulness exercises, communication principles, body-awareness, Qi Gong, self-care practices and proper body mechanics. EsalenTM Massage is an approach of listening, responding, flowing, and pausing that acknowledges the intimate relationship between the physical, emotional, and spiritual body as a whole.

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Introduction to EsalenTM 02/09/18 02/09/18 Friday 9am-6pm
EsalenTM 03/09/18 04/22/18 9am-6pm
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Apr 6-8 Fri-Sun,
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