CranioSacral Therapy

newsletterCranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy based on the principals of cranial osteopathy. As a modality, CranioSacral Therapy offers incredible relaxation and space for the client’s body to access it’s inherent resources for resolving physical and emotional stresses. Therapists will develop palpatory skills that will allow them to listen and sense subtle movement in the body in a more profound and meaningful way.

Intro to Cranio
This course covers basic history, relevant anatomy and physiology, and technique. Students will refine palpation skills for tuning into very subtle systems body and learn a basic session protocol. All of the techniques presented in this class can be integrated with other bodywork modalities.

Craniosacral Therapy
Gain a deeper understanding of the craniosacral system, it’s effect on the body, and how to work with this incredibly effective modality to promote comfort, relaxation, and healing. On completion of this course students will be able to offer full craniosacral sessions and integrate craniosacral work into other modalities.

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Course Title Start Date End Date Days and Times
Intro to Craniosacral 12/05/17 12/21/17 T/Th 6pm-10pm
Intro to Craniosacral 01/05/18 01/07/18 Fri-Sun 9am-6pm
Intro to Craniosacral 05/03/18 06/07/18 Thursdays 6pm-10pm
Intro to Craniosacral 08/24/18 08/26/18 Fri-Sun 9am-6pm
Craniosacral Therapy 01/09/18 04/26/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm
Craniosacral Therapy 08/28/18 12/18/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm (off 11/22)
Advanced Craniosacral 06/30/18 07/01/18 Sat/Sun 9am-6pm