1000-Hour Bodywork Professional Program

nina4If you have completed the Massage Therapist Program and desire the highest level of preparation and distinction, you may continue your education by completing an additional 500 hours of coursework at McKinnon BTC. Through one-on-one meetings with Senior Faculty, you’ll receive additional support to help you reach your goals. Private tutorials and practice sessions are required in addition to coursework. Candidates must complete an application and successfully pass an interview process before being accepted into this program. You may opt into the 1000-Hour Program if you have taken between 500 and 600 hours of training at McKinnon.

Begin by contacting McKinnon BTC for an application and choosing a preferred Senior Faculty member to act as your mentor.

After your application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll meet with your Mentor for a 4-hour intake and assessment session, during which you’ll discuss goals, expectations, and timing for Program requirements. In addition, you’ll perform a hands-on session as a way for your Mentor to assess your skills so training can be focused where it is needed. You’ll leave the session with a plan for meeting with your Mentor and a list of courses to enroll in to support your learning.

You will meet with your Mentor one or two times per month for private sessions over the course of the Program: private session meeting time will total 24 hours. There will be a journal assignment and/or practice sessions due at each meeting with the Mentor.

At the conclusion of your Program, you’ll have an exit evaluation to assess and acknowledge your progress and accomplishments. You’ll also receive your Certificate of Completion at that time.

Required Courses

Touch, Health, and Common Conditions (125-hours)
24 total hours of business education
24 hours of private tutorial with Mentor

If you have already completed Touch, Health, and Common Conditions, you may substitute a different 125-hour course.

1000-Hour Program students have up to three years (from start date of initial course attended) to complete Program requirements.

Cost: $17,575*


  • Experience (may be minimal or extensive) with paying clients.
  • CAMTC Certification
  • A minimum of 500 hours of education from an approved school, 250 of which must be from McKinnon.
  • Interest in and commitment to expanding your skill set and development as a professional bodyworker.

* Does not include textbooks.

Payment Options

McKinnon BTC offers 25- and 42-month payment plans and Pay In Full discounts for this program.

Please see our catalog or visit mckinnonmassage.com for additional information regarding withdrawals, refund policies and transferring deposits. We are always happy to respond to any questions you may have. Feel free to call (510) 465-3488, or email us at info@mckinnonmassage.com.

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