Deep Tissue: Integration and Assessment

Course Hours: 30
Tuition: 430.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00


Having gained some foundational tools for assessment and hands-on work, you’ll move toward fuller implementation of deep tissue work with the addition of focus on client/ therapist communications and session planning. Deep tissue massage is goal-oriented: solid intake skills and ethical communication are essential. Both client trust and session outcomes improve when a therapist can plan effectively; communicate about short- and long-term goals; and guide recipients confidently through the entire process. This course offers integrated practice and work with various scenarios to help you bring your deep tissue practice to life.

Required Book(s):
Trailguide to the Body, Anatomy & Physiology the Massage Connection, Deep Tissue Massage by Art Riggs

Deep Tissue Applications (56 hours) or equivalent

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01/14/18 02/04/18 Sundays 9am-6pm
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11/06/18 11/15/18 T/Th 9am-6pm