Deep Tissue Applications

Course Hours: 56
Tuition: 800.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00

Description:Core hands-on learning takes place in this course, as you apply deep tissue tools in all areas of the body. Working from a Swedish foundation, you will learn to tailor sessions with areas of deep tissue concentration. Using the relaxed application of body weight through the hands-on techniques of deep tissue, you’ll begin to sense the subtle tissue changes that allow a body to return to better posture and function.

Required Book(s): Deep Tissue Massage by Art Riggs
Prerequisite(s): Swedish Massage (100 hrs) AND Anatomy & Physiology: Human Structure and Movement (64 hours)

To enroll in this course, please select from the following upcoming class dates:

Start Date End Date Days and Times
03/06/18 04/19/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm
05/05/18 06/23/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm (off 5/26)
06/18/18 07/20/18 M/W/F 9am-1pm (off 7/4)
09/08/18 10/20/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm
10/09/18 10/30/18 T/Th 9am-6pm