Anatomy and Physiology: Human Structure and Movement

Course Hours: 64
Tuition: 920.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00

Description:Anatomy and physiology are essential elements in the practice of deep tissue massage, as more specific work demands increased understanding of the body. To work successfully with deep tissue technique, you’ll move beyond memorization into understanding the ways in which structures actually function to create human movement and posture. As you learn about the body’s musculoskeletal nature, you’ll also begin to learn the basics of visual and palpatory assessment as well as some fundamental, hands-on technique.

Required Book(s): Trailguide to the Body, Anatomy & Physiology: the Massage Connection
Prerequisite(s): Swedish Massage (100 hrs)

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01/04/18 02/27/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm — *FULL! Call for waitlist.
03/10/18 04/28/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm
05/07/18 06/13/18 M/W/F 9am-1pm (off 5/28)
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