Intro to Craniosacral

Course Hours: 24
Tuition: 440.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy based on the principals of cranial osteopathy. It uses light touch and subtle movements to unwind holding patterns in the body and to release restrictions in the craniosacral system. Releasing those restrictions improves nervous system function, which can have a positive effect on all the tissues of the body. This subtle form of bodywork can help bring a deeper sense of balance to clients and allow the therapist to practice listening in a more profound and meaningful way.

This course will cover basic history, relevant anatomy and physiology, technique, and a basic treatment protocol. Students will refine palpation skills for tuning into very subtle systems of the physical and energetic body. All of the techniques presented in this class can also be incorporated into other bodywork modalities.

Required Book(s): Rhythm & Touch by Anthony Arnold
Prerequisite(s): None

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12/05/17 12/21/17 T/Th 6pm-10pm
01/05/18 01/07/18 Fri-Sun 9am-6pm
05/03/18 06/07/18 Thursdays 6pm-10pm
08/24/18 08/26/18 Fri-Sun 9am-6pm