Reiki I

Course Hours: 16
Tuition: 310.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00


This form of Reiki comes to us directly from Japan, without western interpretations. The founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926) taught Reiki as a healing art and a spiritual practice. The First Degree workshop includes basic instruction in self-care, meditation and breathing practices to develop inner light, the same techniques taught by Usui. Students will learn how to give hands-on energy treatments to others without depleting their own vital force. Each student will receive four attunements from the teacher and exchange Reiki treatments with each other.

10.00 manual fee due first day – payable to teacher. Please bring cash.

Required Book(s): Komyo Reiki Kai Manual (provided by instructor, please bring cash)
Prerequisite(s): None

To enroll in this course, please select from the following upcoming class dates:

Start Date End Date Days and Times
02/10/18 02/11/18 Sat/Sun 9am-6pm