“Just..” Series

Course Hours: 8
Tuition: 160.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 50.00


The “Just…” series focuses on in-depth exploration of the anatomy of specific body regions, as well as effective techniques and proper body mechanics for working in these regions. The goal will be to deepen your understanding of the musculature and function of these areas and the individual parts and mechanics associated, in addition to common ailments and manual techniques for relieving discomfort and increasing function.

Anatomy will be covered thoroughly with the use of books, a skeleton and manual palpation. Higher level techniques that borrow from deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofascial release will be covered, while maintaining a constant focus on proper body mechanics; so that you can apply the techniques with ease and do them for years!

Required Book(s): Trail Guide to the Body
Prerequisite(s): Anatomy & Physiology: Human Structure & Movement AND Deep Tissue Applications or equivalent

To enroll in this course, please select from the following upcoming class dates:

Start Date End Date Days and Times
02/18/18 02/18/18 Neck – Sunday 9am-6pm
05/20/18 05/20/18 Business – Sunday 9am-6pm
07/22/18 07/22/18 Shoulders – Sunday 9am-6pm
09/16/18 09/16/18 Neck – Sunday 9am-6pm
11/04/18 11/04/18 Mid-Section/Diaphragm – Sunday 9am-6pm