Course Hours: 100
Tuition: 1495.00
Nonrefundable Deposit: 150.00


This basic 100 hour Swedish course involves techniques that consist of long muscle strokes on the skin, using lotion or oils. The work is done on a massage table. Numerous protocols for a full body massage are covered along with body usage/mechanics, contraindications, tailoring sessions and many more techniques. In each class you will observe the teacher demonstrate techniques, practice on a partner and then receive a massage from your partner. This process of seeing, doing and experiencing allows you to learn each technique “inside and out”. The objective of this course is to teach the mechanics and techniques, as well as the philosophy and spirit of massage, and to prepare you for a career in the field of massage.

Required Book(s): Trailguide to the Body, Andrew Biel, 5th Edition. Massage Mastery-from Student to Professional, Anne Williams, First Edition
Prerequisite(s): none

To enroll in this course, please select from the following upcoming class dates:

Start Date End Date Days and Times
01/06/18 03/31/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm
02/01/18 04/26/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm
03/05/18 04/30/18 M/W/F 9am-1pm
04/07/18 07/07/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm (off 5/26)
06/01/18 07/30/18 M/W/F 9am-1pm (off 7/4)
07/10/18 08/21/18 T/Th 9am-6pm
09/08/18 12/08/18 Saturdays 9am-6pm (off 11/24)
09/18/18 12/13/18 T/Th 6pm-10pm (off 11/22)
10/15/18 12/12/18 M/W/F 9am-1pm (off 11/23)
11/06/18 12/20/18 T/Th 9am-6pm (off 11/22)