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Touch and Trauma begins May 5th!

In recent years, more attention has been paid to trauma and its impact on our physiology, psychology, and interpersonal relationships. Trauma adversely impacts individuals, families, and communities. What can massage therapists do when our client’s trauma is expressive during the session– while staying within our scope of practice?

In this course, we will define trauma, understand how it is embodied, develop personal resources, and learn specific bodywork techniques to address trauma in the massage client. Conscious touch and informed technique play a key role in healing from trauma and is vital to an integrated approach to recovery.

Touch and Trauma – 24 Hours
Prerequisite: 250 hours of massage training.
May 5th – May 19th
Fridays, 9am – 6pm

You can call the office at 510-465-3488 for more information, or enroll online!


McKinnon BTC is a CAMTC approved school #SCH0007– all of our hours may be used toward certification. McKinnon is also an approved CE provider for the Board of Registered Nursing.